Based on our research and creativity, we come up with a design concept and implement it within its corresponding context. In addition, we believe that with every innovation always comes renovation.
Who We Are

Fil de Recherche is a graphic design company that focuses on contemporary issues in graphic design with respect to its ideologies, philosophies, practices, execution and renovation. In Fil de Recherche, we deal with design as a problem-solving process as we keep the four classes of stakeholders in mind: companies, people, organisations and society. Our services are related to consultancy and executions. As for designing, our services also include corporate identity, branding, signage, web and print.


The first step of the design process consists of studying the project from several perspectives by brainstorming with experts from different fields. Therefore, we offer answers in the problem-solving process of design and we choose the one that fits more with social, economic and environmental sustainability. Second, we put the design together in a way to answer people’s needs and manage the use of materials, money and space, while keeping the message clear, functional, and visually appealing. Finally, we verify the successful execution of the design before launching the final product or service.

Our Philosophy

Inclusive Design

User-Centered and Participatory Approach
In Fil de Recherche, we design for people and with people. Our design can be used equally, confidently and independently, regardless of age, disability, gender or faith. We also aim to include people’s needs in design and offer them the right tools to communicate and participate in building our projects.

Cost Management

Space and Materials’ Management
While designing, we manage the use of space and materials in order to reduce costs. Consequently, we shift the materials we are using into less costly ones without affecting the visual aspect of the design. In addition, we study the choice of shapes carefully in order to reduce the space they occupy on shelves; this also decreases shipping cost.

Cultural Issues

Integrating Cultural Issues in Design
By introducing local customs, expressions and facts into the design, we highlight the cultural features of the product and make our message clearer and faster to reach. Moreover by reflecting our cultural identity, we create an emotional impact on the audience and improve the brand’s image.


As designers, we believe that there is never an end product. There is always room for innovation and renovation in design. A printed, 3D or interactive design is subject to change, and that is in order to adapt market conditions and people’s new emerging needs.


Reduce Waste-Add Value
Promoting the reuse of materials helps protect the environment by reducing wastes, as demonstrated within our workplace and practices. While designing, we reuse materials and introduce an additional use to the product to add value, be innovative and eco-friendly.


Act to Change
We act to change and participate in modifying how people behave, think and communicate. We promote, for example, for good causes and help prevent social, economic, environmental and health dangers. We also help maintain safety in public and private places and contribute in encouraging respect between people interacting in those places.
What We Are Good at
While we share our knowledge and experience with our customers, we listen hard to understand their business and their needs.
We are qualified by our flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency to continuously adapt to the changing market conditions.
We create a perfect balance in chaotic and organized layouts in order to guide the eye easily through the design and create pleasure for the viewer.
We make sure not to violate people’s beliefs when sending a message and to draw on the knowledge of local culture to design.